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Horne received artistic education at the Dutch National Ballet Academy (1988-1994) ArtEZ (Arnhem Institute of the Arts, 1994-1998) graduating as a Bachelor of Dance.
As a performer he worked for Dutch companies Conny Janssen Danst, Djazzex, Introdans and Rogie & Co. He also developed, together with other dancers and musicians from Rotterdam, an improvisation and performance project (TRIP).

In 2005 he moved to Barcelona to be part of Thomas Noone Dance, a company in which he was working until 2010. During this period, he also continued to develop his own projects with the contemporary dancer Alba Barral.

In 2010 he began to work in the technical team of the SaT! (Sant Andreu Teatre de Barcelona) and he has been technical head of this same theater since September 2016. He also collaborates as a lighting technician with the dance companies Thomas Noone Dance (Thomas Noone ), Umma Umma Dance (Guido Sarli), Camaralucida (Lautaro Reyes), Manuel Rodríguez, Colectivo Lamajara (Reinaldo Ribeiro, Daniel Rosado and Paloma Hurtado) and Humanhood (Rudi Cole & Julia Robert), Ambae, Diego Sinniger and Javier Arozena Cía.



A native of Tenerife, graduated in Classical Dance from the Royal Conservatory of Seville, she develops her work mainly in the Living Arts in Tenerife, in the early years around the Victoria Theater where she was part of the Cia. Nómada and the teaching staff of the center and then by Free collaborating with other Canarian Artists and of the peninsula. In the Master in Scenic Practice and Visual Culture proposed by Artea at the University of Alcalá de Henares, he comes into contact with another way of seeing the scene that opens his vision.

Parallel trained in Hatha Yoga Vinyasa , she uses this discipline as a way to maintain perspective on what she does in the artistic field and gives regular classes on the island.

His work moves between disciplines, finding a common thread that usually revolves around the body and affections.

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Derek is videographer and photographer with creative experience. Trained in artistic photography, he discovers his passion for space, light, composition and color. After finishing his studies, he moved to the city of Barcelona, ​​where he began to work as a photographer and retouched in the fields of fashion and advertising , as well as portraiture.

After this stay in Barcelona, ​​he began to expand his interests, going from the static image to the moving image (cinema), discovering new possibilities and capacities to communicate and connecting his interest in the image with his passion for dance and movement, combining this new interest in his career as a commercial maker.

This journey has led him to settle in places like Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Berlin, Valencia, Vancouver, Miami, and Saint Martins in the Dutch Caribbean, places where he has developed all his projects.

He also teaches masterclasses on cinematography, photography and movement, which leads him to establish collaborations in other areas to expand his knowledge, such as neuroscience studies and architectural projects.

He currently travels and lives around the world, seeking his personal development and expanding his skills in order to find inspiration for his work as a filmmaker and artist.

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