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javier arozena cía.  is the creative tandem of choreographer and perfomer Javier Arozena and the architect Gino Senesi.

our process is directly or dialogically connected with choreography, performance and physical theatre by exploring its relationship with the viewer and investigating ways in which the space of representation is continuously put into crisis. 

we seek for the best support, format and formula for each piece of work, linking the various disciplines and bringing our proposals out of the conventional stage spaces, looking for a personal scenic code as well as new ways to express and communicate.

among this transversal practice, a special relevance is given to the procedural, as well as to the performative act itself. both being contious exercises of constructing and deconstructing body and territory.

the corporeal is manifested through states of hypersensitivity and observation, in order to extract their capacities to move and give rise to spaces for reflection, landscapes for contemplation, territories of thought.

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