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porvenir is the new project of research and scenic creation where we deal with the time to come by divesting it of its sense of future. Rather, we anchor it to the present and to the space that recieves us. We free it from the possibility of projecting itself into a 'beyond' or of transcending into another time that lays ahead.


Our particular sense of future is a moment that remains and sustains the now, that unfolds to transform the present, operating in the real alteration of that what is at hand.


We could be speaking of a present future; an uncertain hereafter facing a horizon that goes from showing us a progressive path towards conquest to showing itself as the gorge that precipitates towards collapse.

In reality, neither of the two situations is actually realised, everything is suspended in a time and space of the now. Moving from a possible "non-place" of undecidability (no-where) to a territory of the spatial and temporal present (now-here). 

It is presented to us as an ephemeral landscape with its own rules, an indomitable space.  A place of transit in which, alone and dispossessed of any capacity for domination, we can only dimension and reflect on our location in the universal order.

Another core of interest is to delve into the notion of folklore, in an exercise of deciphering how it is constructed. We understand folklore as a flexible space of shared agreements and routines with the common objective of being places for community encounters and the generation of identities. Folklore travels through time as oral or sonorous transmissions, in action or in the form of objects with which a community identifies itself.


The repetitive action of two bodies on stage installs an idea of familiar routine. A system that is established in the course of time that is resized, which brings us closer to the mechanism by which the traditional operates. These bodies pass on this knowledge, which is inscribed in muscle and space in the midst of an impermanent temporal mass. They hollow out, bore the spatial mass; an action of mutual accomodation between the one and the others, in a relationship of interdependence; of sustaining and supporting each other.



A welcoming space for the two bodies that make it up. A refuge

A shelter in which to inhabit what is to come, which is already happening.

artistic team 

bodyscape: Alba Barral y Javier Arozena

landscape: Gino Senesi

lightscape: Horne Horneman

soundscape: Lautaro Reyes

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