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PLASMA and curator Cande González gave us the possibility of transferring our practice linked to scenic codes, into an architectural space stripped of its residential function. Even so, this space is not neutral since it is implicitly loaded with ideologies, dynamics of function and power.


The action takes place, it is inserted into the reality of the architectural space that is occupied in an ephemeral way by interfering entities.
A methodical act carried out in a succession of days and that each time results in a new act, causing a new interference, generating a new experience.

A simple act, always done in present time.

A creative act, a systematic and spontaneous ritual where the corporeal is the incessant matter that appears and disappears, generating an unstable, malleable, labile reality in which the artist builds and destroys time after time.


The invaded room, the empty skin, the eroded tissue of the transfigured landscape, the footprint, the residue of the ritual imprint, the interference-generating filter .....

artistic team

ficha artística


action |

Javier Arozena


image and video|

Gino Senesi


transdiciplinar space PLASMA, San Cristobal de La Laguna


curator |

Cande González



Abraham Riverón & Carla Marzán

Sara Garsía

Federico García Trujillo

Captura de pantalla 2020-09-07 a las 16.
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