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Zeitgeist arises from the approach of our artistic practice to the museum space, the exhibition room, the white cube.
This white cube understood as a refracting space, that reveals every trick and facilitates the possibility of transcending the obvious.

During this process we seek to generate micro-fictions whose succession articulate emotional spaces, modeling possible universes.
The body in a subtle state, fragility, ephemerality and deceleration are some of the variables used to inhabit those sensory spaces facing the culture of saturation, where excess of the visual turns image into “fast-food”.

We propose to inhabit those emotional landscapes recovering the timing of images in order to perceive and give value to what is behind the behind.

In this game, the observer chooses where to direct his gaze, how to contemplate the event and for how long.

To freely and timeless letting oneself be immersed into an aesthetic that gets activated

Mock, trace, footprint, repeat.

Without an observer there is no event, without an event there is no observer.


We were invited to develop an artistic residency during July 2020 in the context of TEA's dance and performance program, La Cresta. The sharing of this creative process resulted in the action we call "zeitgeist".

artistic team

ficha artística


concept and direction |

Gino Senesi and Javier Arozena


choreography and interpretation |

Javier Arozena

lighting design |

the company


costume design |

Leo Martinez


image and video |

Derek Pedrós

with the support of TEA Tenerife Espacio de las Artes.

we thank Gilberto González, Carlota Mantecón, Estefanía Bruna

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