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Undoing time. 

   The instability lurks in wandering and diffuse forms, in a strange state of euphoria that slowly gives way to exhaustion.


   kind is an open and durational body practice; a journey towards constant creation, which is built in a succession of spontaneous actions. It is a being in the body and the environment through sensitive and acute attentive listening. There is nothing written, there is no pre-existing score or code; the code is permanently transformed or rewritten.

   It is the uninterrupted search for possible solutions to the situations that the body accepts and moves through.


artistic team

ficha artística

concept | 

Javier Arozena and Gino Senesi

performer |

Javier Arozena

costume |


images |

Israel Hernández, Sergio Acosta, Maena Arozena

We thank Fernando Pérez, Richard Correa, Sergio Acosta, Óscar Hernández, María García, Marta Suárez, Roberto Torres and 22 Festival Canarias Dentro y Fuera.

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