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"The Hero" or "Der Held" embodies the quintessence of the key traits valued in their culture of origin and carries their own personal and community epic on their backs.

The character in which a social group, a community, deposits all its dreams, desires, wishes, achievements, frustrations.

For this we look at German romanticism, a period that is both an artistic and spiritual manifestation (Geist).

We work on key concepts such as travel, the road, the landscape, and contemplation. The attempt, the impossibility, the failure. The loneliness, the fragile, the slight, the vulnerability, the finite. The transcendence.

A ritual that transits to the esoteric that transits to the sacred.

We propose to inhabit territories of the personal imagination, landscapes delivered offering the freedom to inhabit them through a dancing body.

The observer, as a witness of the corporeal reverberation, of the inexplicable; as a traveler through the geography of the symbolic subconscious to get to the place he is, to the place he wants it to be.

artistic team

ficha artística

creation & direction |

Javier Arozena y Gino Senesi

choreography & performance |

Javier Arozena

lighting design |

Horne Horneman

images |

Derek Pedrós

video |

Ivona Mashova

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supported by:

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