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"Man, remember that you are dust and to dust you shall return" Genesis: 3- 19


Memento Mori is areflexion exercise on the only certainty in life: death.

What is our life if not a series of deaths of different nature: experiences, relationships, periods that end and never return? Our whole life is full of moments, small or big, of death... full of moments of evolution. There is no evolution without small endings.

It is easy and human to forget about it, even though it is something that is present in our daily lives, in our personal experiences over time.


Memento Mori is nothing more than a metaphor of this truth, a concatenation of images, where the scale and human behaviour is limited to being a vehicle, a way of trying to transmit the sensation of emptiness that death generates in us, in an environment that is overwhelming in its dimension and strange in its nature. Dance becomes the centre of attention in a series of bitonal scenes that do not lead to confusion, leaving a clear message in their evolution. It is an exercise that as a whole only underlines the concept itself: death is the only truth.


artistic team

ficha artística

choreography  and performance | 

Javier Arozena

video director|

Quím Padrón

photography director |

Joaquín Ponce de León

art director |

Gino Senesi

production |

Flywus Studios

music |

Richard Lacy

edition |

Jesús Goya

color |

Jordy Michael

production design |

Gadi Cimand

locations |

Sebas Ibero

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