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At ‘U’ we, Elida Dorta and Javier Arozena, meet.


We are interested in the letter U and its graphical representation, which we understand as the set of a curve that joins two straight lines, giving rise to a space ‘between’, an interstitial space; a third body that acquires the function of a container, where the tension between these two units resides before the collision.


‘U’ is a landscape that moves between two superimposed bodies; one after the other or one being the other, but being a unity. In it, the representational memory of bodies appears throughout the history of art, cinema, photography or simply when observing the daily scene of the bodies of lovers merging in a long embrace. Sometimes the one is shadow so that the other remains in the light. Sometimes both are blurred to give rise to a multiplicity that opens to new unclassifiable possibilities .


Intuition between both , the balanced action of giving and receiving and attentive listening, tension, time dilation, fusion, the collision that opens, welcomes, and collects, being in the shared task of staying in a common pulse, the ritual of the community. Listening to the striking of the bodies against the ground, support and force of duplicating the action. A rhythmic action that evolves into a dynamic ecstasy and reverberates as it expands around it. The action that unravels in the collision of its limits, pressing and tensioning that interstitial space until contact happens, the embrace, where one and one unite…where ‘U’ is revealed.

artistic team

ficha artística


creation and performers |

Elida Dorta & Javier Arozena


costumes |

Dosi Andrade


with the support of Muna Tenerife, Enbe-dance, Teatro Victoria, La Recova sala de arte and TEA Tenerife.



umbilical universe unique united uranus ulula last afterlife one-dimensional unanimity

ultra ultraviolet ultraviolence ultra-right ultra-left ultra-consciousness unionism

ulterior unilateral uniform ultrared ultraism universality ultimity

Ultrasonic Ukulele Ukulele Used Utensil ubiquity

ultramarine urban uralita understanding

ultralight ultraflexible ultrasensitive

unspeakable univocal urgency unwind

unidirectional unicorn unreal

unisexual unifamiliar

ultra innocence

uterus urethra









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