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Site Specific for Cuadernos en Ruta within the Cuadernos Escénicos festival

Garachico, Tenerife 2020

4-day creative residency work in a rural space of heritage interest on the outskirts of the historic center of Garachico, in the northwest coast of Tenerife.

We develop our practice surrounded by both palm and banana trees, facing the Atlantic Ocean and under the watchful eye of the Roque de Garachico, using local elements and revealing their poetic potential.

The Hacienda del Marqués de La Quinta Roja is a magnificent example of the island's historical rural architecture, linked to the boom in vineyard cultivation during the 17th century, as a center for agricultural exploitation and temporary residence of the owner's family.


A reflection on heritage architecture, the natural environment, rural areas and their practices.

artistic team

ficha artística


creation and direction |

Javier Arozena and Gino Senesi


performer |

Javier Arozena


light design |

Horne horneman


images |

Gino Senesi

video |

Yudi Acosta

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