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    VU is a situational proposal as part of the practice we denominate "dancing the process". In this situation, the gaps between the conventional binaries of gender (male/female) and substance (presence/absence) are unveiled and inhabited. The blackness of the garments, understood as skins, in contrast with the light and sound bodies invokes a ritual, a mourning, which seems to imbue with energy of movement the corporality’s that emerge in their interstitial space. 


    VU is a monstrous body that is constructed and deconstructed, in constant transformation, awakening its own inner life. A material form interdependent of the two subjects who agree to coexist in a close intimacy, in that ductile, flexible yet tense agreement.

Possibility inhabits between two bodies ....


artistic team

ficha artística

direction and interpretation |

Javier Arozena and Elida Dorta

scenic space |

Gino Senese

light design |


images |

j.a.c., Joaquin Ponce de Leon

videos |

Yudi Acosta

Javier Arozena_VU_foto_Luis San Andrés Maló_2.jpg
CDENFUER_21_3_0684 copia.jpg
Javier Arozena_VU_foto_Luis San Andrés Maló.jpg
VU ©Luis San Andrés Maló_1.jpg

The press says :


"... As a way of combining these two inspirations - the unreal image and the celebration of affection- , the artistic tandem formed by Javier Arozena and Élida Dorta has received all praises during the festival. Theirs is a story that perfectly represents the intention that this festival has, bringing together canary artists 

With very different trajectories, inside and outside the Canary Islands, both artists met in Tenerife and began working together a few years ago, with resulting works that are not exempt from innovation . VU (in the photo above these lines), which deals with love , diverse ways of understanding it and the dialogue that is created between bodies , is overwhelming due to its impressive visual presentation -like everything in which Arozena is involved-, but also for both artists creative moment. Certainly, a fortunate encounter. "

Esther Morales, Susy Q.

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